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caput draconis adoption center
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You have just arrived to Caput Draconis Adoption Center, a place made for Harry Potter fans to adopt their favourite characters (or else) belonging to the fabulous book series created by JK Rowling.

This sprites have been all created by me, Estefania, based on some sprite I saw once at a website -- honestly, I don't remember... email me if you are the original creator so I can give you credit. Anyways, I've made all these characters based on descriptions from the books, the movies and a little imagination. Please, excuse any inaccuracy or, even better, tell me about it.

So here's the deal --
#1 DON'T STEAL or CLAIM AS YOURS - because this is really loads of work and it would piss me off, ok?
#2 Please, LINK every sprite to this site, in order to give me a little credit
#3 No direct linking, please! (don't think it would work, anyway, since this is a tripod site)

Site opened! Adopt everything you want and sign the guestbook if you're up to it ^_^

Wanna host this site? Email me. Thanks!

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